Ideal power source 3.6 Volt 600 mAH 3 Cell AAA Cordless Phone Replacement Rechargeable Batteries Compatible for Panasonic Sony Other Brand (3.6 Volt-600 mAH GP) |

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The 3.6V, 600mAh 3-Cell AAA Cordless Phone Replacement Rechargeable Batteries are designed to enhance the performance of your cordless phone. With compatibility with Panasonic, Sony, and other brands, these batteries provide a reliable and efficient power source for your communication devices.

With a capacity of 600mAh, these batteries offer sufficient power to support extended phone usage. Whether you're making important calls or engaging in lengthy conversations, these high-capacity batteries provide the necessary power to keep you connected.

Upgrade your cordless phone with the enhanced performance of 3.6V, 600mAh 3 Cell AAA Cordless Phone Replacement Rechargeable Batteries. With their compatibility, high capacity, and rechargeable nature, these batteries provide a dependable power source for uninterrupted communication. Experience reliable power and extended phone usage with these rechargeable batteries designed for compatibility with various cordless phone brands.

1) High-quality replacement batteries for cordless phones and other electronic devices

2) This battery is made of 3 AAA, 3.6 volts, 600 mah rechargeable batteries, which is equal to 4.5 volts and 600 mah output (length: 4.3cm, width: 2.9 cm, height: 1.0 cm.

3) Please ensure before purchase that the volume, maH, SIZE.

4) All with universal Jack.

5) Long durability and longevity



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