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Cokion International Store Damage Policy

Cokion does not take any liability for products that are damaged or lost in the seller’s premises and will not pay for or entertain any claims for reimbursement from sellers to that effect. This policy only addresses cases wherein an item that was handed over to Cokion for fulfilment using the Easy Ship program was either not returned to the seller (lost in transit) or returned by Cokion in an unsellable condition (damaged). In both these scenarios, the seller account should have already been debited to pay the customer refund.

For returns and refund related topics, go to Returns and Refund Policy.

Lost item reimbursement

If an Easy Ship – Fulfilled Unit is not returned to the Seller, then Cokion will investigate to locate the returned unit using its internal tracking system. Based on the investigation result, either the unit will be returned to the seller, or the seller will be reimbursed in case the unit is determined to be lost (seller is credited with the evaluated fair market value* of your lost inventory, less any applicable Easy Ship and Selling on Cokion fees = Reimbursement Value).

Cokion will proactively reimburse the sellers in following cases:

  • For all units where the seller was debited for customer refund that are not returned to seller, based on Cokion’s internal tracking systems and processes, even after 30 days from the refund date, Cokion will reimburse seller proactively within 50 days from the refund date.
  • For units with replacement or exchange, if the original orders not returned to the seller, based on Cokion’s internal tracking systems and processes, even after 30 days from the replacement or exchange ship date, Cokion will reimburse seller proactively within 50 days from the date the replacement or exchange order was shipped.


  • It is to further clarify that the assessment of delivery status of all return units will be based on Cokion’s internal tracking system and processes.
  • It is the responsibility of sellers to file for reimbursement in either of these scenarios, where:
    • Sellers do not agree with the delivery status provided by Cokion.
    • Sellers are not already reimbursed, whereas they believe that they should have been proactively reimbursed.


Summary of Lost Unit Reimbursement Claim process


In Seller Central, Manage Returns, the delivery status shows Delivered. However, seller disputes the return status.

If any of the below conditions are true:

  • The seller was not proactively reimbursed.
  • The delivery status shows that item is not delivered to seller yet and the seller is not already reimbursed.


Claim window

File SAFE-T Claims within 15 days from the return delivery date of delivery.

File SAFE-T claims between 50 – 75 days from refund date. 


File SAFE-T claims between 50 – 75 days from replacement ship date for replacement units.


Reimbursements for damaged or wrong (Switcheroo) returns

Sellers can file for reimbursement losses incurred due to wrong return (switcheroo return) or damaged returns received from Customers.

  • Return like fake or dummy product, main unit missing, empty box, and materially different returns are reimbursed under the Reimbursement policy for Damage & Wrong Return for Easy Ship, Self Ship & Seller Flex.
  • Returns which are unsellable and damaged are reimbursed under the Reimbursement Policy for Damage and Wrong Return for Easy Ship, Self-Ship and Seller Flex.

To be eligible for investigation for reimbursement on a SAFE-T claim, sellers must:

  1. Raise SAFE-T claims within 15 days of returns received by seller.
  2. Submit images of the wrong/damaged return received.
  3. Submit images of packing labels of the return products which contain the order ID of the shipment.
  4. In case there are multiple units in an order ID and all of them were returned as switcheroo or damaged, sellers are expected to share a single image with all the different units received and mention the number of wrong units received in the comments section.


  1. For precious jewellery category, sellers are required to capture video of packing the customer order where the forward shipping label is visible and unboxing of the returns where the return label is visible. Upload these videos as proofs if you need to file a SAFE-T Claim.
  2. Cokion will identify certain Sellers from time to time and notify them to install CCTVs or cameras to record order processing at their premises and provide them as proofs to support their SAFE-T Claims.
  3. The CCTV or camera recordings for a claim should cover the following steps for the claimed unit:
    • Packing process of the item
    • Handing over of the package to the carriers
    • Receiving of the shipment from the carriers
    • Opening of the return
  4. At any point in time, if you are identified to have breached the terms of these return and refund policies, or found to be engaged in any fraudulent activity to avail such a refund, then we will retain the right to recover such reimbursement amounts and take any action as per  Cokion Services Business Solutions Agreement.

Fair market value

All reimbursements, (including reimbursement for lost or rejected or undeliverable shipments), will be based on Fair Market Value as per the sole discretion of Cokion. While determining the reimbursement value, the product taxes applied on an order and any applicable selling on Cokion (SOA) fees (including the closing fees) and any applicable Easy Ship fees are deducted from fair market value.



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