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Cokion International Store Return & Refund Policy

Customer Service (CS) will issue refund(s) to the customers on behalf of the seller if the customer contacts CS with a valid refund use case. The refund amount issued to the customer will be debited from the seller account. If it is not the fault of the seller, then Cokion will proactively reimburse the seller with the refunded amount within 50 days of the refund date.

For orders, sellers are required to follow the below mentioned steps when refunds are issued by the Cokion CS team:

Refund reason code


What should the seller do?

General Adjustment

This denotes refunds for shipments that are being returned to the seller

Seller can file a claim* if they believe that the refund amount has been wrongly debited from the account.

All Reason Codes (except General Adjustment)

These denote returnless refunds

No action is required from seller. Reimbursement will be issued for eligible orders within 50 days from customer refund date.

For Self-Ship orders, sellers are required to follow the below mentioned steps when refunds are issued by the Cokion CS team:

Refund reason code


What should the seller do?

Order not received

These denote refunds due to forward leg delivery misses

Seller can file a  claim* if they believe that the refund amount has been wrongly debited from the account.

Delivered Late by Carrier

Missed Fulfilment Promise

General Adjustment

This denotes refunds for shipments that are being returned to the seller

All Other Reason Codes

These denote returnless refunds**

No action is required on the seller’s part. Reimbursement will be issued for eligible orders within 50 days from customer refund date.


*For all proactive reimbursements (including rejected/undeliverable shipments), Cokion may at its sole discretion reimburse sellers based on the fair market value of the product (as more particularly defined hereinafter). While determining the reimbursement value, the product taxes applied on the order, applicable selling on Cokion fees (including the closing fees) and any applicable fees are deducted from fair market value.

Effective Reimbursement Value = [(Fair Market Value of unit) - (Cokion )]

*Fair market value is a dynamic input based on an algorithm computed by Cokion, keeping a number of factors in mind, used to calculate and determine what could amount to a fair price for the unit. This may include your current sales, past sale and category averages.

*All claims should be filed within the claim window as per the Easy Ship and Self-Ship Policy-Key Terms and Conditions

  • The seller will be notified via an e-mail notification summarising the refund amount and the refund reason. The seller will also receive an e-mail summary of the reimbursement issued.
  • The reimbursements processed can be tracked by searching with the Order ID in the Payments section under the Reports tab of your Seller Central account.
  • For concessions on non-returnable products, please go to Easy Ship and MFN Refund and Reimbursement policy for Non-returnable products.
  • **Excludes the following reason codes – Order Not Received, Delivered Late by Carrier, Missed Fulfilment Promise and General Adjustment. Sellers can file within the claim window if they believe that the refund amount has been wrongly debited from the account for these excluded reason codes.

In some cases, orders that are eligible or otherwise would qualify for proactive reimbursement may be suspended if we detect signs of abuse by you in your returnable and non-returnable orders at any point from shipping of the order till a customer complaint is received after delivery. The reimbursement due to you will therefore not be processed for those orders. Cokion reserves the right to a) temporarily suspend and/or stop proactive reimbursements for all your orders (except those which are fulfilled by Cokion) for the suspension period, b) ask you to submit certain video evidence proof and reactively file a claim instead.

For more information, please go to video evidence requirement Help page.

Returns guidelines

Easy Ship Returns is a service for Easy Ship orders, under which we will arrange pick-up for your customer returns and deliver the returned units to you. Through Easy Ship Returns, customers will be able to schedule return pick-up with the Logistics Service Provider (“LSP”) for Easy Ship orders.

For more information, please go to Easy Ship Terms and Conditions including Easy Ship Returns.

Managing Easy Ship and Self-Ship returns through POD

Easy Ship and Self-Ship returns through Proof of Delivery (“POD”) is a new service enabled for returns (including customer rejects and undeliverable orders), which are returned through Cokion Transportation Services Private Limited ("ATSPL") as the LSP. For these orders, which are returned through ATSPL, you have to enter a One Time Password (“OTP”) to confirm the return delivery of your Easy Ship or Self-Ship packages. OTP will remain valid for 24 hours and will be applicable for all the packages returned during such time. You can check the OTP by doing the following:

  • SMS sent to registered mobile number.

Note: Ensure that you have a valid registered mobile number saved under Notification Preferences tab in Seller Central.

  • E-mail sent to your registered e-mail address.
  • OTP displayed on “Manage Returns” page in your Seller Central accessible on the desktop.
  • OTP displayed on “Manage Returns” section in Cokion Seller mobile app.

Note: OTP cannot be shared with anyone, and Cokion will not be responsible for the loss of packages, which are returned to you through the OTP.

The OTP based return mechanism is only applicable to the return of Easy Ship and Self-Ship packages made by ATSPL.

Please follow the steps below to receive packages through OTP:

1.     If there is a return delivery scheduled for the day, then you will receive an OTP: XXXXXX.

2.     Copy the OTP.

3.     Validate the number of packages being returned to you with the number of packages displayed on the delivery associate's device as shown below:

4.     Enter the OTP on the device as shown below and press submit to confirm the delivery of the packages.


Managing Easy Ship, Self Ship, and Seller Flex returns through Secured Returns

Secured Returns is a new service that has been enabled for certain shipments (customer returns, rejected, and undeliverable returns) that have been identified as high risk by our internal systems and returned using Cokion Transportation Services Private Limited ("ATSPL") as the LSP. The returns are validated and packaged in tamper evident packaging material, that changes colour if it is tampered with.

Along with the existing e-mail notification for the shipments that are out for delivery and OTP for the day, the seller will also receive a list of shipments with tamper evident packaging and unique serial number or Bag IDs corresponding to each shipment. The serial number or Bag ID is an alphanumeric ID provided on the left-hand side of the packaging. The sellers are expected to verify that the package/seal is not tampered with, before accepting delivery of the returned product.

In this regard, sellers are advised to check for the following before accepting the package:

  • Visible and undistorted security numbering (123,456) at the edges of the bag or package.
  • Centre line between BLUE sealing tape is not PINK/GREEN except at the edges.
  • Blue sealing tape does not show the word “VOID STOP / BAG TAMPERED”.
  • No other tape is used on the bags.
  • The unique serial number on the package delivered to you, must match with the Package ID received via e-mail.


Please follow the steps below to confirm receipt of the secured return packages:

1.     If there is a secured return delivery scheduled for the day, then you will receive an e-mail communication with the list of shipments to be delivered in secured return.

2.     Once you enter the OTP for receiving the returns for the day, verify that the package or seal is not tampered with.

3.     If you find that the packages have been tampered with at the time of delivery to you, then you may inform the delivery associate to mark such shipments as tampered in the delivery app.

4.     Validate the final summary of the packages received

5.     You will receive an email by the end of the day with details of shipments delivered successfully in tamper evident packaging and those that were marked as tampered (exception).


If you have received a successful secured return and suspect that the product inside is a switcheroo, we request that you record the unboxing of the return. While capturing the video, ensure that the tracking ID and order ID is clearly visible. You can attach this video when filing a claim.

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