Safe Handling of Lithium Batteries in the Home

Nov 11, 2022
Safe Handling of Lithium Batteries in the Home

Lithium Batteries

Primary Lithium (metal) and Rechargeable Lithium Ion are the two categories of lithium-based batteries. Because they live longer than alkaline batteries, lithium primary batteries are beginning to displace them. These batteries are available in AA/AAA, C, D, and


9v coin/button cells are typically marked with the phrase "lithium."

Lithium-ion batteries

Utilized in everyday objects including flashlights, cameras, toys, and medical equipment

Also security measures. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are utilized in vaping devices.

Numerous personal electronics, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, electric bikes, and

Toothbrushes, equipment, scooters, hoverboards, and solar power backup storage. More and more products will use these strong batteries as the industry develops. If handled improperly, lithium batteries have the potential to catch fire and even explode. All lithium batteries should not be disposed of in the garbage or recycled at home.

1.      Differentiating between primary lithium and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

Button/coin cells may start with (CR###), while lithium primary batteries may be tagged "Lithium."

There are non-rechargeable lithium primary batteries in the following sizes: AA/AAA, C, D, Coin/Button cell, and 9v. Because they live longer than standard alkaline batteries, they are beginning to replace many of them.

Lithium-Ion batteries can be identified by the words "Rechargeable," "Lithium Ion," "LiION," "Li-Ion," "Li-Ion," or "LiPo" (lithium polymer). The button or coin cell's first letter is (LIR###). A battery seal or other mark may or may not be present.


2.      Handling/Storage of Lithium Batteries

• Any lithium battery that is not designed to be changed inside the product it powers (such as a cell phone, a vape pen, a tiny laptop, or other electronic device) should not be taken out.

The battery might be adhered to the item. An abrupt fire or explosion could happen from the battery being removed forcibly.

The battery may be enclosed in a hard plastic case or silver-colored cellophane packets.

An immediate fire or explosion may result from tearing or puncturing the bag, or from crushing or penetrating the plastic case.

·         When removing a used battery from a device, place it in a clear, sealable bag or secure the terminals with clear packing tape.


1.       This helps to avoid fires brought on by coming into contact with other batteries or other conducting objects.


2.       During transit, unsealed bags and less-durable tapes (such masking or cellophane  tape) frequently come undone.


3.       Non-clear bags or tapes (such as duct tape or electrical tape) make it difficult to identify the chemistry of a battery while it is being separated for recycling and can put employees' safety at risk.

·         NEVER keep ANY batteries with their terminals in contact or where they could come into contact with coins or keys.

·         To prevent property loss in the case of a reaction or fire, think about keeping sizable numbers of lithium-based batteries in a separate containment area or building.


High Watt-Hour 3. Over 300 watt-hour lithium-ion batteries

·         Whether they are damaged or not, they are always regarded as hazardous materials and need to be transported or shipped with CFR49 certification and documentation.

·         Volts are multiplied by amp-hours, which are labeled on batteries, to get watt-hours. These substantial batteries are typically found in e-bikes, e-scooters, gardening equipment, and other devices.


4. Damaged handling A lithium battery

Never use mistreated or damaged batteries.

• Keep sand or cat litter-filled containers outside in a watertight, covered container.

• To ensure effective management in your area, get in touch with your municipality or solid waste management district.


In the event that a lithium battery begins to bloat, emit smoke, or burn

1. Avoid using bare hands to touch the battery.

2. Immediately take the battery outside (get away as fast as you can to avoid breathing it in) and put it in a bag of sand or cat litter (dirt).

3. To ensure proper management, get in touch with your municipality or solid waste management district.

4. Reusing lithium battery technology

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries under 11 pounds* and primary (single-use) lithium batteries can both be recycled at one of the many free manufacturer-sponsored collection sites spread out around the state. Additionally, all AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt, button cell, rechargeable, hearing aid, and cell phone batteries are accepted by this program.


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