The Impact Of Pediatric Dental Care

Nov 15, 2022
The Impact Of Pediatric Dental Care
The Impact Of Pediatric Dental Care

There is no better time to start practising proper oral hygiene than now if you want to ensure the health of your child's main teeth. Your child's main teeth are kept healthy and free from decay and other dental disorders thanks to paediatric dental treatment.

Introduction to Children's Dental Hygiene

Even as a baby, one should practise good oral hygiene. You should start adopting some sort of dental hygiene regimen as soon as you can, whether you're nursing or bottle-feeding. Wipe the gums clean with gauze or a soft, damp towel before any teeth erupt. Keep your child's teeth clean once they start to erupt. This everyday ritual requires the use of the proper tools. For instance, it's crucial to get a toothbrush made especially for babies because they have much smaller heads and smaller mouths.

If you haven't already, make sure your youngster visits the dentist for the first time between the ages of one and two. By eliminating plaque build-up and any food particles that might be lodged in your child's teeth, your paediatric dentist will maintain the health of his teeth. This is a crucial component of dental care because it stops the growth of germs, which could eventually cause other dental disorders (e.g. tooth decay or inflammation of the gum tissue). Make going to the paediatric dentist on a regular basis an exciting journey that always results in a tooth-friendly reward.

Tips for Professional Care

You can get advice from a qualified paediatric dentist on how to care for your child's teeth at home. Advice usually contains detailed instructions on how to brush and floss your child's teeth as well as additional knowledge dependent on the state of your child's teeth.

Your child's eating habits and what parents can do to assist safeguard their child's teeth and gums are other topics that are frequently covered. Parents should avoid foods high in sugar and carbohydrate as a general precaution. A youngster should never fall asleep while being nursed or with milk or juice in their bottle.

The primary teeth of your child are significant. They depend on developmental stages that are crucial to your child's long-term oral health. Parental instructions on oral hygiene are provided by paediatric dentistry so that children grow up with great dental hygiene.

What Sets a Pediatric Dentist  Apart from a General Dentist?

Despite the fact that general dentist and paediatric dentists both address dental health concerns; these two dentist types are different in a number of ways. While paediatric dentists typically only take care of children's teeth (also referred to as baby teeth), mixed dentition (children with some baby teeth and some adult teeth), and occasionally adults with special needs, general dentists typically only treat adult teeth and adult dental health conditions. Children must also be spoken to in a way that they can understand and treated differently than adults in order for them to cooperate and receive treatment. A general dentist might not have received the same training as a paediatric dentist for this because it calls for more time, attention, and sometimes patience.


Several key distinctions exist between paediatric dentists and general dentists.

1.       Training and Education

Pediatric dentists must complete four years of undergraduate study, four years of dental school, and at least an additional two years of training that is entirely devoted to paediatric dentistry. Studying primary dentition (baby teeth), mixed dentition, child development, behaviour, psychology, pharmacology, special needs patient care, and paediatric sedation takes up these two to three more years. In order for children to grasp what is being done and how to care for their own teeth, they often need different vocabulary (simpler terms), as well as a calm and friendly approach. Additionally, paediatric dentists typically see patients up to the age of 18, though they could also see adults with exceptional needs.

Dentists in general: required to complete a one-year (or longer, depending on their state) residency after completing four years of undergraduate college and four years of dentistry school. Beyond dental school and a residency, the dentist is not required to complete any extra training before treating patients.

2.       Orthodontic Pre-Evaluation

Orthodontic pre-assessment is typically a part of the examination performed by paediatric dentists, who may also be able to provide minor orthodontic intervention.

General dentists: Almost never treat patients themselves; instead, they almost always refer them to an orthodontist, unless the dentist offers clear aligners.


3.       Office Scenario

Pediatric dentists: Generally have a friendly, enjoyable, and playful atmosphere to make kids feel more at ease. To divert kids' attention from any potential anxiety, adults will occasionally provide them with entertainment like video games, television, and/or books.


General dentists: Given that the majority of their patients are adults, they might not have the most child-friendly setting.


4.       The Dental Equipment

Dental materials that fit in small mouths and are small enough to work around baby teeth are necessary for paediatric dentists.

General dentist: Lack of paediatric dental equipment may make treatment more difficult and perhaps painful for the youngster.

All children receive a calming and caring experience at Advanced Children's Dentistry. our paediatric dentist, has undergone considerable training in order to provide your kid the finest care. 


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